About Us

40 Years of Expertise

OMT Enterprises Inc. is the parent company of Loui Michel Cie, Lefton Gifts, Carrara Home and Office, and Samantha’s Garden with over 40 years of history developing, sourcing, importing, and distributing unique consumer products worldwide.


Highest Quality at Competitive Price

From its humble beginnings IN 1977 designing and distributing Backgammon sets, to our current sales of products in Home Décor, Storage, Housewares, Garden, and Home Office, we provide our clients the highest quality products available at the most competitive price.


Exceeding the Expectations of Our Retail Partners

We are driven by first meeting and then exceeding the expectations of each of our retail partners. To do this we work with our clients and overseas suppliers to identify and develop current market trends and at the same time navigate the unique regulatory challenges and quality control.


Effective Relationship Management

Success in today’s changing retail climate requires close cooperation between factory, importer, and retailer to insure maximum cost efficiencies in the supply chain.  We closely manage these efficiencies and provide the retailer with aggressive pricing for market leadership.


From an Idea to a Sales Success

In offering, full coordination through our buying offices in Hong Kong and Ningbo, including  logistics and transportation services from our China office, together with distribution support from our facilities in Los Angeles, customers and clients are assured of quality product, responsible sourcing, and on time delivery.

We are always excited to find and develop a new idea and see it become a sales success.